Life and A Pillow

Life and a Pillow

So I had a thought about life. What sparked it? …Cutting up a pillow…

A little back story, I am a rather small person, so a lot of normal size thing don’t work for me. Pillows are one of those things. The “fluffier the better” may be a plus for others, but not the case here.
Bless my Dad, he has been trying to get me a pillow that works, and the last one he got was a gel foam one. Like the other’s it’s a great pillow, but too thick for my stubby little neck. haha

So, after taking off the cover, and finding it was generally just a block of foam, I cut a sort of hollow in it. And guess what, it’s a decently comfortable pillow now.

After this DIY project, I thought about something.
Some would look at the terrible jagged cutting job I did, and would say I destroyed a perfectly good pillow.
But you could also say, I took something that is mass produced to supposedly work for everyone, and made it honestly work for me.
And I realized everyone has to do this. Someone else isn’t always going to make what you need. You might have to take something and alter it just for you. And it’s okay to do that. If it makes your life easier, more efficient, then go for it! Do things that might not make sense to others. I’m not just talking physical thing like pillow and such. This probably applies to a lot of things, right?

The way I see it, it’s no ones obligation to to fully understand how someone else lives. It’s also not your personal obligation to live a life everyone else understands. Don’t be afraid to make the things around you, work for you. 🙂

Lots lot love,

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