Slice of Life: Standing Out and Concrete Floors

A while a go I was talking to one of my girl friends. We were talking about fashion and she make this comment, “Yes, you’re not afraid of stand out.”

For those who don’t know me, I love wearing heels and tend to dress business casual. Even if I’m grocery shopping and running errands. And, I am very familiar with the “she’s overdress” side glance from other girls.
On a side note, one of my small life’s amusements, is to walk through Home Depot in heels. hehe You should try it, the sound of heels on concert floors is amazing. 😉 But, I never dress to make other people feel uncomfortable. I just like what I like and wear what I feel confident in… end of story.

Anyway, back to my friend’s comment… I really hadn’t’ thought about standing out in long time.
But in truth, I grew up in a small country town, I was one of the few asians around, and I sure didn’t look like my parents walking next to me. I did’t really have a choice.
And that was perfectly fine. It was my normal. I made peace with it a long time ago. If anything, now that I’m older, I’m grateful. It made me face my individuality a little faster. There where definitely things I found confusing or slightly difficult about being so different, but that’s just life. Everyone has to sort out how they fit into this world while they are here. Nothing new about that.

So, the take away from my friend’s comment that I wish for anyone reading this is…

1. Face your individuality sooner rather than later. You are capable of contributing something unique in life, because no-one was created exactly like you. However, you hold yourself back from developing and sharing your unique talents and perspectives if you deny being different.

2. Find your “small life’s amusements,” and enjoy them! Because it adds joy to life.

3. As long as you’re heart is in the right place, don’t worry about those negative side glances from people. That negativity is their’s, not yours.

With love,

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