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It’s been a little while since I actually posted something on this bog, but I finally have something to talk about and share with you guys!

Todays blog is about using olive oil as a face cleanser. Maybe you’ve already heard about this, maybe you haven’t. I’ve found it to be very helpful with preserving your skin by not drying it out, as well as being friendly to you wallet. 🙂

In my BB Cream post, I mentioned about how sensitive my skin is and how hard it can be to find store bought facial product that won’t cause bad skin irritation.
I have an especially hard time with facial cleansers, toners. Also since we are going into the fall an winter season, the change in the air always dries out skin and makes it even more sensitive.
Anyway, learned about a DIY olive oil and sugar face scrub from Michelle Phan. She did a video about it on youtube. If you haven’t seen it already, you should check it out, it’s really great and helped me a lot with my skin. I also saw some people using olive oil to help with cleaning makeup-brushes. I still use the scrub, but you can only use it so often since the sugar can start exfoliating you skin too much. I really liked how the oil hydrates your skin and I’m sure there a vitamins and such that help your skin as well. I just haven’t done enough research on it to tell you about them. haha

Here are some pictures of the how well the olive oil takes of makeup. For the makeup, I used Skin79 Orange Label. It’s not one of my favorite products, but it’s pretty thick and a slightly hard to remove, so I though it would be a good example product . For the comparison facial cleanser, I’m using Mineral Fusion Facial Cleanser. I might do some quick reviews on both the BB cream and MF facial cleanser later on. Especially if that’s something you all would be interested in.

EVOO, Mineral Fusion, Skin79 BB Cream
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Left- Makeup removed by Olive Oil Right-Makeup removed by Mineral Fusion Cleanser
Left- Makeup removed by Olive Oil
Right-Makeup removed by Mineral Fusion Cleanser

Olive Oil Facial Cleanser

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