“Days in Paradise” Photos (click to view all)

Hey everyone!
How are you all doing? Good? 🙂

I wanted to share these photos with you all because Summer is so close, and I love the feeling of freedom, and sunshine, that is brings. I had these photos on my computer from a past vacation and recently I was inspired to edit them. I listened to Cody Simpson’s album “Paradise” and song from Joe Brook’s albums “Constellation Me” and “A Reason to Swim” while I was working on them. Both are definitely on my summer playlist for 2013. 🙂
What’s on y’alls playlist for summer?

Anyway, back to the photography (haha), these where taken in Maui. I have been blesses to have the opportunity to take photos in such a beautiful place. I hope you enjoy browsing.
Best wishes,

Days in Paradise 3

Days in Paradise 6

Days in Paradise 4

Days in Paradise 6

Days in Paradise 1

Days in Paradise 2

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