DIY Favorite Mug Jewelry Holder

So it was a sad day…I knocked my favorite mug off the table. I like it so much that I didn’t want to get rid of it despite it being broken. To be honest it’s just a black mug, but hey I’m silly like that. haha
Anyway, I got to looking at it and realized there was enough of it intact to display and hold my favorite earrings and rings.
All I had to do is file down the sharp ridges. I even added a little gold ink to the ridges. Unfortunately I didn’t seal it, and it washed right off when I wanted to clean the cup. However, I did like how it looked. I think it would have also look good with copper. The ribbon of copper with the sleek black would be quite chic, no? 🙂
I hope this was a fun DIY idea for you. Maybe it even gave you an excuse to hang on to your favorite, but fashionably damaged mug.
Lots of Love, Abby

DIY Favorite Mug Jewelry Holder


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