Drive By Thoughts- God in the little problems

So I don’t want to get into too many specifics, but I recently was wavering on I decision I had already made about a person. I think we’ve all had someone we thought about romantically, but realized it’s best to stay friends. Then some time passes, and you both change a bit and you think…maybe? Well, I had one of those situations recently.
In my case, I was reminded why it was best to stay just friends very quickly and that was about it. But it got me to thinking about how God protects you on the big things, and the little things.
Compared to so many things I would have seen this as such a small problem. I could have made a messy situation, and could have had to learned my lesson the hard way. But even if I had, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world. However, I didn’t. God presented a reminder of what I needed to remember before a problem came up. I thought that was really amazing.
Sometimes I forget how important my little problems are to God. I know there are so many major things He has protected me from, and blessed my life with. I just forget that He is there to be involved in everything. No matter what level of importance I give it. It’s a big comfort knowing that.
Maybe, if you needed it, this little story will remind you just how important ALL your problems are to God.

With lots of love,

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