First Officail Post/Summer Mini Skirt

So, my first official blog post! Whoop whoop! Haha

This is a skirt I made about a week ago. I’m hoping to sell some of these types of skirts on Etsy, but I decided to keep this one because I loved the fabric so much. I needed a “summer’ piece and this was super fun and…cheerful? Haha

I’ve noticed that a lot of high-waist skirts have come into fashion this summer. I personally like that this has happened. They tend to show off the tiniest part of your waist and the ones I’ve seen give off a very cute/carefree vibe. Anyway, this was made from scrap fabric someone got me off of Craig’s List, and took a zipper off of some other piece of clothing. Here are some pictures of the pattern and the finished product.

Skirt Pattern

The Cutting Out
 Cutting out the Skirt

Finished Red Striped A-line Skirt

Striped High-waisted Summer SkirtStriped High-waisted Summer Skirt

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