How I got Photoshop CS6 to run after Adobe Creative Cloud told me my plan was expired.

Hello! So I had this problem with Photoshop this week, and thought I’d share what I figured out.
Here is a brief backstory as to how I encountered Adobe Cloud not allowing me to use Photoshop SC6.
I bought the Adobe Photoshop CS6 a long time ago, and have lost the serial numbers.
Recently, in the confusion of the old computer failing on me, I subscribed to one of Adobe’s subscription plans for Photoshop CC thinking my software was just that old it wouldn’t run anymore. For a brief time I had both Photoshop SC6 and CC on one computer. However, I found that Photoshop CS6 would still work once I updated it via Adobe Cloud. So I decided I didn’t need the subscription plan for CC.
I got the plan canceled and all was well. Until, one day, right after using CS6, Adobe Cloud said I needed to license my product and would not let me reopen it. A product I had paid for a long time ago. I found other people had the same problem.

So here is what worked for me. Please note, I am not a technology savvy person, I just stumbled something that seemed to work.

1. I uninstalled and then reinstalled CS6 from my computer. In honesty, I’m not sure this step is even necessary.
2. I opened CS6 and clicked to license the product like Adobe wants.
3. It asks you for a serial number and gives you the blank spaces to type it in.
4. I then opened a browser and logged into my Adobe account, and went to Manage Account – Register a Product.
5. Under My Products you will see Registered Products My old version of Photoshop CS6 was listed there with string of 24 numbers.
6. Go back to opening your CS6 app and in the blanks it asked for a serial number, input those 24 numbers.

After I did this, Adobe Cloud let me use the Photoshop CS6 like normal.
If you are like me and had no idea where to find your CS6 serial number because it wasn’t boldly labeled as such (haha) I hope this helps you. 🙂


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