Drive By Thoughts -Picking Your Battles

I completely believe that there are times that call for some aggression when fighting for ideals to make your point. …But it is so impressive to see someone put in the effort to (or want to learn to) pick their battles. Nothing wrong with passion, but it is so much more powerful when you chose the things you really put your energy and into.

Picking your battles was something I learned from my Dad. I have to say, I don’t have it down as well as I would like. All the same though, this idea is very important to me. It’s something I want to teach to my kids… Actually, not even just my kids. Any part of the next generation. I hope that as many upcoming adults as possible have that moment where they are forced to think about whether it’s important to pick your battles. Everyone will have their own reactions, but sometimes even thinking through an idea puts you ahead of the crowd.

Well that’s it for now. Night everyone! 🙂

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