Skin79 Gold Label BB Cream


So this is going to be a product review on a Korean BB Cream.

I learned about BB cream back when I discovered K-pop and got sucked into a cute K-drama. Then I looked up some reviews of it on YouTube (the source of all info, right? Haha) and eventually decided to try it.

A large percentage of the BB cream reviews were about, or mentioned a cream by Skin79. I figured it would be safest to try what everyone else was trying. Also, I liked the packaging. I have a little bit of an artsy side to me, so I won’t lie; I get distracted by cute/fancy packaging. Haha Anyway, I went shopping on EBay, and at the time, I found two BB Creams from Skin79. There was the “Pink Label” and the “Gold Label.”  I live in a pretty dry climate and the “Gold Label” said it was more hydrating, so that’s the one I purchased. I was excited to try this BB cream, because all the drugstore makeup foundations would eventually dry my skin out, make me break out, or would oxidize after I applied it, and give me a reddish skin tone. Also, it seems that Korean cosmetics brands work very hard on making products that are gentle on the skin, as well as nourish it in some way. Sometimes I feel like America brands are more worried about having “any product” for sale, not so much having a “quality product” for sale.

I have been using the Gold Label BB Cream for about eight months now and I think it’s great! I have very, very sensitive skin, so it’s rare that I can use a product for more than a month.


  • Works well with my sensitive skin
  • Has a mild clean smell (I’m not a fan of strong smelling cosmetics. The can make me a little dizzy.)
  • Doesn’t dry out my skin
  • Usually oxidizes and matches my skin tone nicely, unless I’ve gotten tan. Using a little bronzer fixes that though.
  • Does not feel heavy on my skin
  • Coverage is build-able


  • Has a light to medium coverage
  • If you’re a more on the tan side, it might make you look lighter.
  • It’s has a dewy finish. Nothing some Setting Powder won’t fix if you‘re wanting a matte finish.

Here are pictures. They were taken while I was having a serious breakout, so please excuse how terrible I look without any makeup. haha

Skin79 Gold Label BB Cream

Skin79 BB Cream
Skin79 Gold Label Review
BB Cream Without Concealer
Skin79 Gold Label Review
BB cream with concealer


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